How much should you feed?


This guideline is for puppies up to an age of approximately 9-12 months.

For large breed puppies it should be used up to 24 months.

Because young dogs are constantly growing, they need a higher percentage of food than adult dogs.

The easiest way to work out how much to feed your puppy is to feed a percentage of its body weight.

You can use the following:

Age Percentage (per day)

8-12 weeks     10-8%

12-16 weeks    8-6%

16-24 weeks   6-5%

24-32 weeks  5%

32+ weeks       4%

36 + weeks      3-4%


These percentages are a guide. It’s important to regularly weigh your puppy and keep a record of their weight so you can

increase/decrease their food as and when necessary.

Adult dogs 

As a general rule, adult dogs should be fed around 2-3% of their ideal adult weight depending on activity levels.

Senior dogs 

For senior dogs, we’d recommend feeding approximately 1-3% of their ideal adult weight.