The Purple range is an alternative to our Green Range for those animals that are sensitive to honey, neem and colloidal silver.

Made from a traditional recipe containing Gentian Violet a favourite for its fungal and bacterial properties, our Purple Rinse can be used for ear related problems.

Warm the bottle of BB Purple Rinse in warm water for 5 minutes.

Shake the bottle vigorously before each application. Insert the nozzle in the ear and squeeze bottle until the ear canal floods with the solution.

Gently massage around the ear for 30 seconds then allow to shake its head which will loosen the earwax, wipe ears after shaking, best used outdoors.

Use daily for 10 days then weekly as maintenance

Can also be used to clean folds or sore irritated areas.

Contains; Witch Hazel, Pulsatilla, Calendula & Gentian Violet.

Purple Wash/Rinse 50ml