Proper food for older dogs

Formulated to be suitable for working dogs, ProLong meals are created with high quality raw meat with bone, vegetables, fruits and superfoods all packed with natural vitamins and minerals to give your dog a satisfying and nutritionally balanced meal that keeps them active and healthy.

85% Meat and Bone. Pheasant, Chicken (with bone), Tripe, Natural Glucosamine, Kidney, Liver, Carrot, Butternut Squash, Seasonal Greens, Raspberry/Blueberry, Salmon Oil, Kelp, Turmeric, Ginger, Spirulina, Ground Black Pepper


Available in 1x 1Kg or 1 x 500g 



ProLong - Game

  • Moisture 69.5%, Protein 14.4%, Fat 11.7%, Ash 3.6%, Fibre 1.7%