Penetrator Spray will remove unwanted smells from your household and workplace. With its dual action formulation, packing over 40 essential oils and a range of microbial enzymes this is an odour neutraliser that is unrivalled. It's double action strength means that it is effective at combatting even the most stubborn odours such as pet urine and fox faeces.


PowAir is a powerful, natural odour neutraliser, created with a blend of essential oils and formulated to eliminate a wide spectrum of smells. PowAir is not a masking agent and it has no toxic ingredients. You can use PowAir to eliminate any unwanted odours. It is guaranteed to work and is completely safe to use around your pets and family. Available in various forms, PowAir provides a safe and effective solution for every situation.

Everyone who uses it knows… PowAir works great to make those bad smells disappear. Pets, garbage, smoke, germs, mildew, plants – all submit to the power of PowAir.

PowAir Penetrator Spray 500ml

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