Made with organic and natural products containing, vegetable castile and goats milk as a base.
Lavender,  calming,  irritated skin,  sensitive skin and as a flea deterrent
Honey, soothes sore skin and conditions coat
Cinnamon, skin infections, fungal - yeasty skin, flea deterrent. Warming old bones
Coconut, has numerous benefits from sensitive skin to a healthy coat *test patch advised prior to use to ensure animal is not sensitive to coconut*
Grapefruit (seed extract) fungal & bacterial issues, itchy paws
Pineapple (extract oil),  irritated skin

Neem, repels fleas, ticks & mange mites. Has bacterial & fungal properties, ideal for sore, irriated, infected & yeasty skin

Not only do they smell lovely they all have a purpose 


Natural Soap Range