Clients Special Price

A bundle of your choice of a natural shampoo & a bottle of furbreez to help alleviate those symptoms of itchy skin.


Natural Shampoos

Made with organic and natural ingredients containing, vegetable castile and goats milk as a base.

Not only do they smell gorgeous they all have a purpose. 

A choice of either;

Lavender & Charcoal - Good for itchy skin whilst conditioning coats with the added value of flea/tick prevention


Peppermint & Neem - Perfect for the dog that likes to mooch about in long grass its great for itchy skin, conditions the coat and with the added value of flea/tick prevention its perfect for any time of year


Purple Shampoo - ideal for yeasty itchy irritated skin.

The Purple range is an alternative to our Green Range for those animals that are sensitive to honey, coconut, neem and colloidal silver.



Peppermint for itchy, hot irritated skin, keep in the fridge for extra cooling.


Camomile for itchy, irritated skin, ideal for grass or contact irritation, super cooling if kept in the fridge. Good for calming and anxiety.


Just choose your options

Clients - Shampoo & Furbreez Itchy Skin Bundle