The UKs first dog treat made with sustainable insect protein

Handmade in Scotland


Bug Bakes do not contain any of the most common canine food allergens. The list might shock you! Beef – Rabbit – Pork – Dairy – Chicken – Lamb – Fish – Eggs – Corn – Wheat – Soy. Each organic ingredient has been vet approved and tested on a variety of dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies.

Six of the seven total ingredients in Bug Bakes are organic certified. (93% by weight) 

Our first tester was Lyra the leonberger. (the face of Bug Bakes!) Next, her four legged friends.. then.. every shape, size and breed of dog imaginable tested Bug Bakes at events, markets and giveaways. We made sure to test them on as many dogs with allergies, IBS and other dietary related problems as possible.

As with all treats, it is recommended that Bug Bakes do not exceed 10% of your dogs daily intake of food. Outside of that, they can be used however you like! They work as a training treat, reward or bedtime biscuit.

Yes. As long as your puppy is eating a solid food diet, Bug Bakes are perfectly fine for them to eat. Be extra cautious not to overfeed with young puppies. If you have any doubts, always contact your veterinarian first before feeding any new foods or treats.

Bug Bakes crunchy texture makes them excellent for plaque removal and general gum health. However, treats will never be a replacement for brushing your dogs teeth.



Bug Bakes - Eco Treats for Dogs