If you are unsure if your dog has worms or which particular worm it may be susceptible to a worm count test would be advisable. If your dog does have worms then unfortunately a chemical wormer will be required to kill both the worms and eggs. Herbal wormers act as a preventative and contain natural ingredients that work with the pet’s system to create a hostile environment for parasites.


Herbal wormers are not suitable for nursing bitches or puppies under 6 months of age.


BB Herbal Intestinal Hygiene comes in a 3 months supply and is given for 3 consecutive days each month.

Contains, cinnamon, neem, quassia, fennel, slippery elm, nettle, peppermint & cleavers.



Formulated to help maintain the bodies natural ability to expel worms and internal parasites, the astringent effects of the herbal ingredients creates a hostile environment for internal parasites.


5 drops for 3 consecutive days each month





Eugenia (Myrtle)



Grapefruit seed extract

Pumpkin seed oil

Intestinal Hygiene - 3 months supply for Dogs & Cats