Bamboo Charcoal - Car Home Deodorant Bag - 200g


Absorbs and eliminates nasty odours; minimizes dog smell, cigarette smells, chemical smells, mouldy smells, cooking smells and damp smells without leaving a cover up fragrance, keeps the space clean, odour free AND pet safe.

  • Prevents mould and bacteria by absorbing excess moisture in the home.
  • Removes the damp smell, allergens, formaldehyde and musty odours from the home, bathroom, closets, cupboards, cars, caravans, motorhomes, fridges, shoes and laundry areas.
  • Natural bamboo charcoal air freshener, these air purification bags are fragrance free, nontoxic, chemical free and recyclable.
  • Reuse for up to 2 years, in order for the bags to work as effectively as possible, we suggest leaving the bamboo charcoal odour eliminator under direct sunlight for an hour or two every once a month. This process allows the Sun's UV rays to disintegrate the airborne pollutants absorbed by the activated charcoal in the bags, making sure the bags work as effectively as possible.

200g Bamboo Charcoal - Car Home Deodorant Bag £4.99